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Can I Poach Egg In The Microwave?

One method to getting quick poached eggs is actually by putting them in the microwave, but when I say results can vary, I mean it! 

Ingredients/What You Need. 

You’ll need an egg.

A cup/mug and plate that is microwaveable.

And water.

Example. Credit: The Spruce.

The method. 

First, fill your mug just under half full with water, then crack your egg inside of it.

After that, you need to put the mug with egg in in the microwave, with a microwaveable plate on top of it. Any other microwaveable cover will do, but this works well for us.

Now, results can vary depending the microwave, but generally 30-75 seconds is enough to get the desired results. After it’s cooked properly, pour out the remaining liquid and egg, and catch it on a spoon.

Serve however you see fit.

Make sure you experiment with this one, as different microwaves will give different results. Good Luck!

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