Broccoli cheese

Broccoli cheese

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  • 150g/5½oz frozen broccoli florets
  • 20g/¾oz unsalted butter
  • 20g/¾oz plain flour
  • 150ml/¼ pint milk
  • 60g/2¼oz mature cheddar, coarsely grated
  • 1 tsp English mustard or wholegrain mustard (optional)
  • salt and freshly ground black pepper


Before you start this. preheat the oven to 220C/200C Fan/Gas 7.

  1. Cook the broccoli in boiling water for about 3 minutes or until just cooked through, then drain well and place in a small ovenproof dish.

  2. Melt the butter over a medium heat, add the flour and cook, stirring constantly, for 1 minute.

  3. Gradually add the milk, whisking well, until you have a smooth sauce.

  4. Continue to cook over a medium–low heat, stirring often, until the sauce has thickened slightly.

  5. Remove from the heat, add the grated cheese and mustard, a pinch of salt and some black pepper.

  6. Stir until the cheese is melted and well combined.

  7. Pour the cheese sauce over the broccoli and bake for 25 minutes.

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