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Make your own Instant Banana Ice-Cream!

Make your own Instant Banana Ice-Cream!

Need to cool down in this heatwave? Here’s a beautiful and easy recipe for Banana Ice-cream! which will take up to an hour of prep time and serves 4 people!
Bare in mind the bananas will have to be frozen for 4-6 hours or just overnight so you can have the coldness of ice cream!



2 Large ripe, but firm bananas

image credits: Maks Narodenko


  1. Line a baking tray with baking paper. Peel and slice the bananas into 1cm pieces. Place in a single layer on the tray and freeze for 4–6 hours until solid, or overnight. (If not using immediately, transfer to a lidded container and return to the freezer for up to a month before using.)

  2. To make the ice cream, pour the frozen bananas into a sturdy food processor. Blend on the pulse setting until the bananas become finely chopped, then whizz into a very thick, creamy purée. The ice cream should form a soft ball.

  3. Spoon into dessert dishes and eat just as it is, or top with berries, chocolate drops, or anything you fancy having with your banana ice cream, such as the chocolate sauce in the tips.

  4. If not serving all the ice cream at once, transfer the leftover ice cream as quickly as possible into a lidded container and freeze for up to 2 weeks. When frozen like this you can use an ice cream scoop to spoon it into bowls.

banner and image credits: Tatiana Volgutova

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