How To Make A Macchiato (Layered Coffee)

If you’re looking at the display picture and thinking that’s a cool coffee, you’re not alone. 

It’s called a macchiato. And that basically means spotted coffee.

Many people attempt to make the cool layers without really knowing what they’re doing, but let me tell you now; it’s much simpler than you think!


  • Coffee shots
  • Milk
  • Coffee syrup of your choice

Example image.

How to make one 

This first step depends on whether you want it iced or not. You get the same layered effect regardless of whether it’s iced or not.

For iced, put some cubes in your coffee glass, and then pour some coffee syrup of your choice over it.

Then, fill up almost 3/4 of the way with the milk of your choice. You can use any milk, but semi skimmed works best.

After you’ve poured your coffee shots into a separate cup, pour over the top of the milk, ice, and syrup and serve.

For a normal, hot coffee, steam milk until hot and make it a bit frothier than a latte, but still less than a cappuccino.

After you’ve added your optional syrup to the bottom of your mug, pour the milk in afterwards – no coffee shots yet.

Once you have a cup 3/4 full of steamed milk and syrup, add your coffee shots over the top of the drink. And you’re done! Enjoy!


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