Prime Hydration Review: Lemon Lime!

Prime Hydration Review: Lemon Lime!

Logan Paul and KSI released a drink known as Prime Hydration. This was made and only sold in the US for some time before hitting the stores in the UK. Asda is currently the only supermarket in the UK that sells Prime Hydration. This means it is in limited stock and those who get to the shelfs first win and have all the Prime that is their. One of the fast growing drinks in history and the only flavour I was able to get my hands on today, was Lemon Lime. 

In my opinion, this drink is too good to be true. The Lemon Lime flavour combined with the 10.5% coconut water and BCAAs is a great mix. Great for those who don’t want to have much sugar and love soda. This drink is very limited however to where you can get it.

A lot of people are selling this drink on Facebook marketplace for double the value. Buying crates and selling them for £10 a bottle. If you are lucky enough to buy one and get one from Asda for the price of £2. Be sure to get on as this one flavour has exceeded my expectations.

No promotions, this is an honest review about the newest drink to hit the shelfs.

Banner and Image Credit: KSI x Logan Paul: Prime Hydration

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