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Quick Guide: How To Lose Weight

Quick Guide: How To Lose Weight

Losing weight isn’t, and shouldn’t be as quick as this guide, but there are a few important things that need to be said about weight loss; which not everyone tells you.

I’m about to tell you something that people have spent thousands of pounds to find out. The way to lose weight is to consume less calories than your body uses in a day. Your body naturally burns calories by just existing, and people usually have a BMR of 1800 calories. (Meaning if you sat and did nothing all day, your body would need 1800 calories to maintain the same weight). It’s usually a little less than 1800 for women, but for the average man, that’s about right.

All health guides and tutorials at the core are very much the same, eat less and do more. And it’s a very simple philosophy, that’s not so simple to follow. Even if someone knows the way to lose weight is to consume less calories, these health guides people pay money for can actually be good, because they provide thought out, planned guidance that a lot of people need.

Despite the concept of eat less do more, there are wrong ways to do this. If you consume too little calories, your body starts to panic and store more energy as fat, and you probably won’t lose weight, just muscle mass and you’ll probably start to feel fatigued. You may also be left with very loose skin, which some people describe as worse than excess fat. A balanced diet eating slightly less calories than your body uses naturally and daily exercise is the best way to lose weight, because you will lose weight at a steady rate, keeping healthy and maintaining muscle mass and overall fitness.

If you want to work out your BMR, google “BMR calculator.” There are a few good ones a google, the first few search results are usually the best.

Oh, and just to add, certain exercises don’t usually burn fat in certain areas; your body is different to everyone else’s, so you’ll naturally store more fat in some places than other people. All you will be doing is defining and strengthening the muscle in that area. By consuming less calories, fat in that area will leave in its own time, along with fat in other parts of your body.


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