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Maternity Changes in Hospital!

Maternity Changes in Hospital!

Due to the coronavirus, known as covid-19, there have been a few changes to help the spread of coronvirus stop for good. This will be proven right when the virus finally stops and we go back to normal but for now we have to follow the rules they have given us and the rules they will provide until further notice, for some people they will need to know about these new rules and for others, its good to know in case these are the rules from now on, since the virus is still being spread at a rapid pace!

Wash Your Hands as you Enter!

This has always been the rule in hospital, however they are more strict on this due to the virus staying on someones hands for up to 48 hours or longer, therefore they have filled up the containers and have a rule that when you enter you must wash your hands or you will not enter the hospital. This rule is great for those who carry germs on there hands longer than others!

If accompanied with someone, they must wait outside!

In some cases, hospitals will allow someone to wait inside the hospital for there partner and or friend to finish in there, however others only allow the person needing in the hospital to come in and the other has to wait outside, with the spread of this virus no one knows how they would catch it or if they have it or not, therefore for extra security they are doing this!

16 week appointments on phone!

They are now introducing this new way of communicating due to the virus, if they think that your baby is completely healthy and there is no need to go in at all, they will prevent you from coming outside your house and do the appointment on the phone since they baby will be perfectly healthy. There would be no need to check, this has only just been introduced now and will stay until this pandemic is over and done with!

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