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5 Ways to Become Healthier!

5 Ways to Become Healthier!

Becoming healthy, and being healthier in general, is a natural part of life, some people love it, some people hate it and some people enjoy watching it on YouTube, however being healthy ultimately decides your life. Enjoying a healthy lifestyle and living longer is better than having a terrible lifestyle and not living as long as you may have thought. Here is 5 ways to become healthier in more ways than being active!

Here is 5 Ways to Become Healthier!

Healthier is better than NOTHING

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Doing a routine blood test every 6-12 months!

This can significantly help with everything! Getting your bloods checked for everything from your sugar levels, to the kidney, it is a great way to understand your body more. This could ultimately make it so your one step ahead of the issues you may face.

Having a journal!

This may be a weird one since this is about being healthy, however there is one thing everyone struggles with and no one talks about it. Mental Health! This is the number one cause of unhealthy diets and unhealthy people. Having a journal to write your thoughts is a great way to control your mental health, however it is advised by us at Five Minutes Spare and the NHS to seek help and talk to a health advisor!

Drinking enough water!

A lot of people around the world struggle with this and go straight to fizzy drinks and end up with some health issues that can be sorted, from stomach pains to chest pains. Drinking enough water and ensuring your not having over 500ml of fizzy drinks a day can help, however the recommended amount of water is 2l, but everyone is different! Go to this website by clicking here, and you can do a small survey!

Take multivitamins!

This seems like an obvious one, however a lot of people struggle to have enough vitamins throughout the day which results in issues with tiredness or work load. This can be found in your local supermarkets and a great start to a supplement diet!

Do Cardio!

One of the best ways of exercise and it’s free to do! Now you don’t have to go out on 10 mile runs like professional athletes, only doing 9,000 to 12,000 steps a day will improve your health.

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