NBA Playoffs update Tues 23rd April 2019

NBA Playoffs update Tues 23rd April 2019

With the Bucks and the Celtics through to the second round with ease, after both winning 4 – 0. Tonight’s games could see the Raptors, 76ers and the Trail Blazers through to round two, all of which are currently on 3 – 1 split in round one. Nuggets and Spurs are currently tied at 2 -2. These two teams couldn’t be closer in regards to matchup however nuggets are heavily relying upon Jokic as they have done for a lot of the last season, he currently sits as team leader for points, rebounds and assists. My prediction is that the Spurs will take the win tonight.

Wednesday night could see the Houston Rockets and the Golden State Warriors through to round two, and both of these are looking rather likely.

Depending on tonight’s results Thursday will show raptors vs magic, Trail Blazers vs thunder, 76ers Vs Nets and of course Nuggets Vs Spurs.

My prediction is that the only game that will be not determined by Thursday will be nuggets Vs Spurs.


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