2022-23 NBA Playoffs Round One Predictions

2022-23 NBA Playoffs Round One Predictions

The Playins are over and congratulations to The Lakers who looked dead and buried after 15 games. They join their LA rivals The Clippers in returning to the postseason after missing out last year. Special mention too for The Sacramento Kings who are finally back in the playoffs after a long drought stretching back to 2005-6!

In the East, it’s nice to see the Knicks back in after missing out last year they look on the up but it could be a few years yet before they are genuine contenders. You have to go back to 1973 for their last finals win!

Anyway here is how we see round one panning out…

Eastern Conference Playoffs


E1 Milwaukee Bucks v E8 Miami Heat

Prediction Milwaukee 4-1


E2 Boston Celtics v E7 Atlanta Hawks

Prediction Celtics 4-2


E3 Philadelphia 76ers v E6 Brooklyn Nets

Prediction 76ers 4-2


E4 Cleveland Cavaliers v E5 NY Knicks

Prediction Knicks 4-3


Western Conference Playoffs


W1 Denver Nuggets v W8 Minnesota Timberwolves

Prediction Nuggets 4-0


W2 Memphis Grizzlies v W7 LA Lakers

Prediction Lakers 4-3


W3 Sacramento Kings v W6 Golden State Warriors

Prediction Kings 4-2


W4 Phoenix Suns v W5 LA Clippers

Prediction Suns 4-3


This would set up the following clashes…

Eastern Conference Semis


E1 Milwaukee v E6 NY Knicks

E2 Boston v E3 Philadelphia


Western Conference Semis


W1 Denver v W7 LA Lakers

W3 Sacramento  v W4 Phoenix

That would put pay to our pre-season prediction which was for the Clippers to finally get off the mark.  We did tip the 76ers to be their opponents in the final though so we could still be half right!

You can see our pre-season predictions for the Eastern Conference here – and our Western predictions too – if you really must!

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