2021-22 NBA Playoffs Round One Predictions

2021-22 NBA Playoffs Round One Predictions

Finally, the play-ins are over and now the playoffs proper are upon us. What an unpredictable season it has been.  Both the LA teams are out and a poor showing from the Trail Blazers, who looked like they were on the up. Also, we are sure that not many saw the top seeds being then Heat & the Suns! Still, Thunder fans (yes I am one) will be pleased with the Clipper’s loss as it boosts their Draft Lottery chances.

Anyway, the bracket is now set for round one and our predictions are below. Let’s hope we do better than we did with our pre-season selections!

Eastern Conference

NBA Eastern Conference

E1 Miami v E8 Atlanta

Prediction Miami 4-1

E4 Philadelphia v E5 Toronto

Prediction 76ers 4-3

E3 Milwaukee v E6 Chicago

Prediction Bucks 4-2

E2 Boston v E7 Brooklyn

Prediction Celtics 4-0

Western Conference

NBA Western Conference

W1 Phoenix v W8 New Orleans

Prediction Suns 4-3

W4 Dallas v W5 Utah

Prediction Zazz 4-3

W3 Golden State v W6 Denver

Prediction Warriors 4-1

W2 Memphis v W7 Minnesota

Prediction Grizzlies 4-3

This would set up the following rather tasty looking clashes…

Eastern Conference Semis

E1 Miami v E4 Philadelphia

E2 Boston v E3 Milwaukee

Western Conference Semis

W1 Phoenix v W5 Utah

W2 Memphis v W3 Golden State

Given our pre-season prediction that the Lakers would win the title, we are far from confident about the above, but did have them beating the Bucks in the final so we could still be half right!

You can see our pre-season predictions for the Eastern Conference here – and our Western predictions too – if you really must!

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