Results 4th March 2019

Mavericks 88 -127 Nets

Hawks 113 – 114 Heat

Nuggets 103 – 104 Spurs

Bucks 105 – 114 Suns

Pelicans 115 – 112 Jazz

Knicks 108 – 115 kings

Clippers 113 – 105 Lakers

Our predictions were

Mavericks v Nets (Nets to win) correct

Hawks v Heat (Heat to win) correct

Nuggets v Spurs (Nuggets to win) incorrect

Bucks v Suns (Bucks to win) incorrect

Pelicans v Jazz (Jazz to win) Incorrect

Knicks V Kings (Kings to win) Correct

Clippers v Lakers (Clippers to win) Correct

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