Here are the results for 3rd March 2019

Trail Blazers 118 – 108 Hornets

Rockets 115 – 104 Celtics

Hawks 123 – 118 Bulls

Knicks 107 – 128 Clippers

Magic 93 – 107 Cavaliers

Raptors 107 – 112 Pistons

Timberwolves 121 – 135 Wizards

Grizzlies 95 – 99 Thunder

My predictions were

Trail Blazers v Hornets (Trail Blazers to win) Correct

Rockets v Celtics (Celtics to win) Incorrect

Hawks v Bulls (Hawks to win) Correct

Knicks v Clippers (Clippers to win) Correct

Magic v Cavaliers (Magic to win) Incorrect

Raptors v Pistons (Pistons to win) Correct

Timberwolves v Wizards (Timberwolves to win) Incorrect

Grizzlies v Thunder(Grizzlies to win) Incorrect


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