Our predictions for all the games tonight

Timberwolves v Magic – Tip-off 7 pm ET

Timberwolves are visiting Magic tonight. They have only won one out of their last five games, compared to magic impressive four wins out of the last five. The Timberwolves so far this season have performed marginally better away than they have at the home court. However, I do not think that factor will be enough to defeat Magic.

Nets v Hawks – Tip-off 7.30 pm ET

Nets have had a fair start to the season with 26-31 record. They have had a rocky to start after the all-star break with only winning one of four. Hawks, having a more disappointing season to date with a record of 17-43. Trae Young has a lot of pressure on his shoulders, due to lack of others to rely upon in the Hawks and the strength of DeAndre Jordan and Kyrie Irving for the Nets, my prediction is that the Nets will take this one with relative ease.

Hornets v Raptors Tip-off 7.30 pm ET

A clear winner predicted for this one Raptors will take this one with relative ease. Raptors are on a 46-16 compared to the Hornets 20-38. Both teams have won three out of the last five games.

Mavericks v Heat Tip-off 8 pm ET

This is probably the tightest game of the night to predict. Both teams are on 36 wins for the season. Since the all-star break Mavs have won three out of their last four where heat has lost three out of four. Heat have the home-court advantage, but I don’t think this will have sway. Mavericks will take this one but I think OT will be required to separate the two.

Predictions for the rest of the night

Kings v Grizzlies – Grizzlies Win

Thunder v Bucks – Bucks win

Cavaliers v Pelicans – Pelicans Win

Piston v Suns – Pistons Win

Wizards v Jazz – Jazz Win

Nuggets v Clippers – Clippers Win

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