Mans Bed Death was avoidable in Shrewsbury hospital!

Mans Bed Death was avoidable in Shrewsbury hospital!

A retired police officer passed away after his head got trapped in a hospital bed!

Max Dingle from Newtown, aged 83, died whilst in the care of the Royal Shrewsbury hospital on the 3rd of May 2020, due to getting his head and neck getting stuck between the rails and the mattress.

The post-mortem test they originally did gave his cause of death as heart disease, but Mr dingle’s son requested it to be re-done by a second examination revealed that his cause of death was actually entrapment and asphyxiation.


image credits: Mamat Suryadi

Mr. Dingle was admitted to the Shrewsbury hospital due to shortness of breath, he passed away shortly after admission, 15 minutes to be exact, due to having been trapped in the bed rails and mattress, they did not resuscitate, despite Max dingle electing for life-saving intervention if anything were to happen, he also had a pulse when he was discovered!

“He suffered a cardiac arrest – from which resuscitation was not attempted – and he died at 10.15 am,” Mr. Ellery said.

banner and image credits: sfam_photo

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