Back Exercises; Main Exercises!

Band Bent-Over Row

How to do it; This is done by place the bands on the floor and placing your feet over them, picking up the bands and leaning forward. Slowly bring the bands down and back up to get full motion and repeat. 

Image Credit: Lio putra

Dumbbell Single-Arm Row

How to do it; Get yourself a bench and make sure the bench is flat, allowing you to lean over and have one arm on it and one arm holding a dumbbell. Slowly bring the dumbbell up and down!

Image Credit: Lio putra

Bent-Over Barbell Rows

How to do it; Ensure the barbell is at the weight that you desire, once ready, make sure to lean down with your back straight with the barbell as well. Lift the barbell to your stomach and slowly bring back down, while ensuring that your back in straight throughout. 

Image Credit: Lio putra

Pullup or Chin-up Variations

How to do it; Having a pull up bar and or something to do this with is a must have. Hold onto the bar and slowly lift yourself up and slowly back down. Doing this until failure will get more of the exercise.

Image Credit: Lio putra

Lat Pulldown

How to do it; Put the machine on the weight that you can lift, ensuring no injury at all as this could ruin the lift completely. Hold the bar and sit on the seat that is provided for you and bring down to near your chest and slowly bring back up and repeat.

Image Credit: Lio putra


How to do it; To do this exercise, ensure that the barbell is weighted to your standard as this is where most people can get injured from. Lean down with a straight back to grab the barbell. While lifting the barbell ensure the back is straight and slowly go back to the original position. 

Image Credit: Lio putra

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