NBA 2019 Division Predictions For The Western Conference

NBA 2019 Division Predictions For The Western Conference

Who Will Finish Where in The Western Conference in 2019

NBA 2019

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The Western Conference is stacked this year and unlike the Eastern where there looks to be two class teams and a few pretenders, the Western has several teams who with a bit of luck and no injuries could make a run. Literally, it’s wide open and hard to pick out the eight teams that will make the playoffs.

In the Northwest, The Nuggets look like the ones to beat and if they can get their road form somewhere close to how they play on home court then they could be challenging for the No 1 seed (they had the best home record in Basketball in 2018). They have a talented young roster led by Nikola Jokic and they should just about edge the division ahead of Utah. Speaking of whom – the addition of Mike Conley makes them genuine contenders for defensive team of the year.

The Trail Blazers should make the playoffs too but the Thunder despite them still having Chris Paul & Stephen Adams will probably just miss out along with the Timberwolves

The Pacific is the golden division this year – Lebron, Davis, Curry, Leonard – we could go on. The problem here is that they ould beat up on each other and that could cost one of them a home-court advantage in the opening round. Can Kawhi make another final?

Are The Lakers Back?

How will Lebron James & Anthony Davis combine – especially with little in the way of supporting cast? Are people writing off the Warriors prematurely just because Clay Thompson is injured, they still have Steph Curry, D’Angelo Russell & Draymond Green but is that enough in this exalted company? The Kings may be being overlooked too, but it’s hard to see them or the Suns figure in the divisional shoot out.

Finally, we have the Southwest which looks like Houston and four other teams making up the numbers. The Rockets have teamed Russell Westbrook with his former teammate James Harden which should be fun (as much to see who hogs the ball more). Joking aside they look strong this year and they may end up as No one seeds given the division they are in.

The Spurs have a great coach in Gregg Popovich and if LaMarcus Aldridge and DeMar DeRozan play like they did last year then they should finish second, however that won’t guarantee a playoff place and although we think they will edge in it is going to be close. The Pelicans will be without Zion Williams for a few games unfortunately but they are building an intriguing roster and they should be on the fringes of the playoffs along with the mavericks. The Grizzlies look like they might have the unfortunate distinction of being the wooden spooners of the west.

Whatever this certainly looks like being a vintage season.

Anyway here is our Western Conference Predicted Finishing Orders.



Denver Nuggets

Utah Jazz

Portland Trail Blazers

Oklahoma City Thunder

Minnesota Timberwolves



LA Clippers

Los Angeles Lakers

Golden State Warriors

Phoenix Suns

Sacramento Kings



Houston Rockets

San Antonio Spurs

New Orleans Pelicans

Dallas Mavericks

Memphis Grizzlies

Predicted Seedings

1 Houston Rockets

2 LA Clippers

3 Denver Nuggets

4 Los Angeles Lakers

5 Utah Jazz

6 Golden State Warriors

7 Portland Trail Blazers

8 San Antonio Spurs

So only one new face in the playoffs compared to 2018 with the Thunder dropping out to be replaced by the Lakers.

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