Leg Exercises; Main Exercises!

Walking Lunges

How to do it; Start with feet together and hands your hips. Once done that, move one leg forwards and backwards while leaning forwards during going forwards and backwards.

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Leg Press

How to do it; Go onto the leg press machine and place your legs onto the machine flat. Once in position, and on the right weight that you can handle, engage your core and extend your leg, pause at the top and slowly return back to normal. 

Image Credit: Lio putra

Leg Curls

How to do it; Get onto the leg curls machine that is located in your nearest or your gym, place your legs under the leg curl machine and flat your stomach. Engage your core and lift your feet and pause at the top and then slowly return to the normal position. 

Image Credit: Dmytro Bochkov

Banner and Image Credit: Jasminko Ibrakovic

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