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Here’s Why You Have No Motivation

Here’s Why You Have No Motivation

In this video, an Ex-Navy Seal commander explains how waking up super early will improve every day life.

Everyone loves to sleep in, and some people need to. Like most people, I know if I haven’t had my 7 hours I’m not even approachable until lunch time! But this Navy Seal instructor suggests that waking up between 4 and 5 AM every day is very beneficial. And a I definitely see the method in his madness. He suggests that waking up early is just one of the many battles we have with ourselves and others every day, because in reality waking up early is very hard. It sucks big time. But by overcoming the obstacle of waking up early, you’re starting your day triumphantly, which then goes on to motivate you to triumph other things, like work out or achieve more at work. He basically takes those two spare hours people have before bed watching Netflix or playing on their phone, and allocates that time slot to 4 am, instead of 10 pm. You’re in a different mindset when you wake up, you’re refreshed and you know you have things to do. And lets face it who else is mad enough to be up at 4 am? So there is no one else awake to disrupt your productivity by Snapchatting you or Facetiming you.

He explains it in more detail in the video below.

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