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Healthy Bulking Breakfast Meals!

Healthy Bulking Breakfast Meals!

For a lot of people around the world, they struggle to gain weight and stay at 55kg and or 62kg, which is 125-136lbs. This is classed as underweight for a lot of ages, as typically the BMI will suggest this, however, this can be changed with bulking. To gain muscle and weight in one! 

A calorie surplus is normally how average people do it. This is when the number of calories we consume, is more than the calories we burn. Increasing our body mass. Here are 3 healthy bulking meals that are high in calories and protein!

 Protein French Toast

For this you will need the following;

  1. 4 slices of bread
  2. Milk
  3. Eggs x2
  4. Impact Whey Protein(if wanted)

These are the main ingredients.


  • Mix together the Milk and Eggs into a bowl. Whisk together until no lumps
  • If adding protein, add the protein to the mixture and whisk until combined. If not adding forget this step.
  • Put the pan on medium to high heat and add the bread to the mixture on both sides, then add to the pan
    • remember to add the butter to the pan first this is very important!
  • wait till all 4 slices of bread are golden brown on all sides!
  • Serve once done.

This meal can be from 150 to 200 calories per slice of toast, which means 700 to 800+ calories per meal!

Weetabix, Scrambled Eggs, and Toast!

For this you will need;

  1. Weetabix/Wheat Bisks
  2. Eggs
  3. Milk
  4. Bread

Similar to the first one.


  • Add the milk to 3 Weetabix and while this is happening pour the milk and add the eggs to a mixing bowl and whisk until combined.
  • Once combined add to a medium to high heat and make sure to watch it.
  • Once done add to a plate with the toast.
    • for the toast, add the bread to the toaster.

This meal is typically above 600 calories in one meal, maybe more! But a great and healthy way to start the day off right!

 Eggs and Bacon Wrap

This one is a great one and is normally a fan favorite!

  1. Eggs
  2. Bacon
  3. Wraps


  • Cook the bacon and eggs on medium to high heat and wait until cooked right.
  • Once done add to a wrap and fold.
  • Serve when done!

This one is high in protein and calories! A great way to eat breakfast!

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