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5 Tips for Eczema!

5 Tips for Eczema!

Eczema is one of the worst things anyone could get, not the worst in terms of life threating or massive issues, just in terms of annoying, hard to get rid of and the itching is hard to live with. There is a lot of causes of Eczema, click here to see 5 causes! There is no treatment that can stop this from happening, however here is 5 tips that can ease your Eczema and or make the issue go until flared up again!

Top 5 Tips for Eczema!

5. Avoid Sugars + Carbonated Waters!

Avoiding sugar for a lot of use will be tricky, however sugary drinks and carbonated waters can flare up Eczema and cause the skin to be inflamed and this will make Eczema very difficult to get rid of. Not all sugars will have to be out the diet, however 90% will if you are suffering with Eczema and wanting to get rid of it!

4. Moisturize Twice a day!

This should be a part of the daily routine, as Eczema is mainly dry and inflamed skin that can be caused by the skin being too dry. Moisturizing twice a day can make the skin more hydrated, meaning the inflamed skin may start to go back to normal and not itch as much as it were before. Be careful what moisturizer you choose as some can make it worse.

3. Protect Your Hands

If you suffer from Eczema and this is on your fingers, hands or wrists, the worst thing to do is have chemicals hit them and cause even more pain that your already in, therefore it is recommended to use gloves to protect your skin from these chemicals. Chemicals can cause a lot of issues to your skin with Eczema.

2. Be Consistent with Treatment!

With everything in life, being consistent is key! Meaning if you have Eczema and do some stuff one day and then one another, this may not treat Eczema as quickly as you may of wanted, therefore it is good to be consistent with the treatments! Always best to keep everything consistent rather than doing one thing one day and another thing another day!

1. Drink more Water!

Eczema can be caused by drinking to many sugary drinks or drinks that have carbonated water in it, like suggested at number 5 on this list. Drinking these drinks can causes Eczema to get worse and go everywhere around your body, drinking 2 litres of water a day can help. This is due to the water hydrating your skin and making the skin less dry. As Eczema is mainly to do with dry skin, this can help avoid that!

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