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Explosive Home Workout!

Explosive Home Workout!

Since this lockdown has stopped a lot of gyms from running and stop many body builders and other people from being able to workout at the gym, but since the coronavirus is about, all gyms are having to shut for some time due to the virus spreading like wild fire. Recently we have seen this change with the virus slowly getting better, however the gyms are still down and still down until the government allows them to open or when the virus slowly stops spreading. The virus is slowly getting better but here is an explosive home workout that covers the whole body.

Warm up

  • Light Jog for 1 minute – light jog should be full on, light jog should be easy and sweet, meaning you should still be breathing for the next warm up exercise
  • 4 on 4 – meaning 4 punches and 4 mountain climbers, covers the body and has some experience with boxing and punching in general
  • High knees for 1 minute – this will be the same as the light jog, just making sure that you are keeping your legs high up and keeping the same pace as the last light jog
  • Dynamic stretches of your choice – any stretch of your choice that works a few parts of the body

Redo this warm up 3 times before going into the full body work out, gets the heart rate going and will test you on cardio more than anything. Improving your cardio in 4 simple warm up exercises. Dynamic stretch must be different each time. Can’t be the same as last time.

Main Workout

  • 10 burpees – no jumping just burpees, make sure that your chest raises up so you get the full burpee instead of just a small one that won’t do anything
  • 12 star jumps – adding on two each time no matter what, starting off at 10 and going up.
  • 14 squat jumps – make sure you jump up fully and don’t half it, make sure its the full jump.
  • 16 push ups – always adding 2 on each time to ensure you get the cardio sorted as well as the muscle work.
  • 18 sit ups – any sit up of your choice.
  • 20 leg raises – hands underneath the back and raise both at the same time, make sure the legs do not hit the ground.
  • 30 seconds mountain climbers – shooting knees into the chest.
  • 30 seconds Plank – make sure the core is engaged, on elbows or forearms

Repeat this workout 3 times, 45 seconds rest between each time. This should work on the whole body and gain some muscle while in lockdown with no weights at all. This is a great way to workout at home in general.

Video below. Credit Viddal Riley.

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