Huge Shake Up In The AP Rankings after Week 9

Week 9’s slew of surprise results (11 losses for ranked teams) has ended in a near-unprecedented 7 changes in the AP top 25. This is the most there has been since it switched to a 25-team ranking in 1989. The following dropped out:

15           Washington  (PAC 12)

19           Oregon (PAC 12)

20           Wisconsin (Big 10)

21           South Florida (AAC)

22           North Carolina State (ACC)

24           Stanford (PAC 12)

25           Appalachian State (Sun Belt)

 To be replaced with:

Houston who came in at 17 (AAC)

Utah State at 18 (MWC)

Fresno State at 20 (MWC)

Mississippi State at 21(SEC)

Syracuse at 22 (ACC)

Virginia at 23 (ACC)

Boston College at 24 (ACC)

So a bad day for the PAC 12 who now who’s hopes of a playoff place now rest exclusively with Washington State, and a sad day for the Sun Belt who rarely get a team ranked (Appalachian State had never been ranked before and only lasted a week).

The Mountain West is finally getting some recognition and Utah State and Fresno are currently on course to meet in their Conference Final.  The winner here might make a New Year Bowl game as the att large team if the AAC slips up.

Houston is now the AAC’s other ranked team and they are almost guaranteed to play UCF in their Conference Final. Having scored over 41 points in every game this year (including in that basketball-like 63 – 49 loss to Texas Tech. They are the most likely to have caught the Bowl Committee’s eye. It is remotely possible that two Group of Five teams might make the BCS Bowls as at-large selections this year.


You can check week nines results here


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