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2022 CFP Rankings Week 11 TCU In Top 4

2022 CFP Rankings Week 11 TCU In Top 4

Week Eleven of the CFP rankings saw TCU finally get some validation for its undefeated season. They were seventh last week and behind a one-loss Alabama. They edged into the fourth spot thanks to Georgia’s win over Tennessee which means that there are now only four unbeaten teams left.

The SEC still dominates the top half with five still in the top eleven. This will change next week though as Alabama & Ole Miss face off this weekend. LSU jumped with their win and is the highest-ranked two-loss team.

Five Three-Loss Teams Included!

Last week we questioned Texas being included with three losses and wondered what the rationale was for leaving out the likes of Florida State & Notre Dame whose resumes looked just as good if not slightly better. Well, this week they have not only included them but also another two 5-3 teams too!

This is useful as it is giving a clearer picture of the CFP thinking process and it seems that they value wins over quality losses and penalise bad losses. This is probably why Notre Dame is below Texas & Kansas State despite beating the then No. 4 and still top 10 Clemson and also having a win over No 15 North Carolina. That Marshall Loss still haunts them.

Still No Love For Liberty

Both the AP & Coaches Polls rank Liberty at 19, however, despite being 8-1 they are getting no love from the CFP committee. We thought that last week’s road win over Arkansas would do the trick but that was still not enough to catch their eye.

Fortunately, Tulane seems to be getting a little more respect and they are now ahead of Kansas State who Tulane beat on the road earlier in the season. They are the highest non-power five team in the rankings and currently hold the G5 at large bid for a new years bowl slot.

Michael Pratt Tulane Green Wave

Tulane are finally getting some respect
Image: Mark Fann/Shutterstock.com

Gone For Now

Oklahoma State, Syracuse, Wake Forest & Oregon State all dropped out being replaced by Notre Dame, Florida State, Kentucky & Washington

Anyway, the week’s rankings are below…

CFP Week 11 Rankings

1 Georgia 9-0

2 Ohio State 9-0

3 Michigan 9-0

4 TCU 9-0

5 Tennessee 8-1

6 Oregon 8-1

7 LSU 7-2

8 USC 8-1

9 Alabama 7-2

10 Clemson 8-1

11 Ole Miss 8-1

12 UCLA 8-1

13 Utah 7-2

14 Penn State 7-2

15 North Carolina 8-1

16 NC State 7-2

17 Tulane 8-1

18 Texas 6-3

19 Kansas State 6-3

20 Notre Dame 6-3

21 Illinois 7-2

22 UCF 7-2

23 Florida State 6-3

24 Kentucky 6-3

25 Washington 7-2

Conference representation


PAC-12 5


Big Ten 4

Big 12 3


Independent 1

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