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College Football Week 4 AP Top 25 Clemson Slides

Not a lot changed in the AP top 25 in week four as the top 5 all won.  Oregon edged up a place, which was slightly surprising given they were playing an FCS team, however, the commentators were probably sick of seeing Oklahoma scrape yet another win.

Penn State jumped into playoff contention with a solid win over Auburn, while Cinncinati had a nice win over Indiana who is now out of the rankings. This has set up an intriguing clash with Notre Dame next which will let us know if they really are playoff challengers.

At the bottom end, Michigan State jumped in thanks to a comfortable win over Miami who was ranked 14 pre-season! Miami is out along with Virginia Tech which only leaves two ACC teams ranked.

The other new arrivals are Kansas State who may be 3-0 but have played nobody of note. Mountain West team Fresno State jumped in with an upset win over UCLA. It took a last gasp TD to win it but given their only defeat so far was to Oregon they deserve their 15 minutes of fame.

Anyway, the full rankings are below and expect some changes next week as there are a few potential upset games on the cards.


AP Top 25 Week 4

1 Alabama 3-0

2 Georgia 3-0

3 Oregon 3-0

4 Oklahoma 3-0

5 Iowa 3-0

6 Penn State 3-0

7 Texas A&M 3-0

8 Cincinnati 3-0

9 Clemson 2-1

10 Ohio State 2-1

11 Florida 2-1

12 Notre Dame 3-0

13 Ole Miss 3-0

14 Iowa State 2-1

15 BYU 3-0

16 Arkansas 3-0

17 Coastal Carolina 3-0

18 Wisconsin 1-1

19 Michigan 3-0

20 Michigan State 3-0

21 North Carolina 2-1

22 Fresno State 3-1

23 Auburn 2-1

24 UCLA 2-1

25 Kansas State 3-0

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