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Summoners War! Riley!

Summoners War! Riley!

In this post I will be talking about one of the fusionable natural 5 stars in the game, and that is the wind totemist she is a support unit and is extremely strong to say the least. I would highly recommend building her. She can be used in most places. She can be used in both PvE and PvP content, personally I use her more in PvP content however in terms of PvP I use her in the likes of trials of ascensions hard.

Like said previously she is extremely good in PvP content I enjoy using her in the likes of RTA and for area, siege and guide defence, I have tested the defence and they have won most of the time which is really good. This unit comes with an attack buff, immunity buff and also big heals which is important to note. In the screenshot below you will see pictures of her on different defences.

Arena Defence:

Guild battles Defence:

Siege defence:

Here are three different comps which you can use Riley in, now lets talk about runes. For early game I would suggest using her on Swift, Energy that allows her to be fast to get lots of turns, however late to mid to late game I would put her on Violent, Will of depending if you have have enough will rune you can put her on Violent Energy like mine is.

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