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Real or Fake? The Ground is Breathing?

Real or Fake? The Ground is Breathing?

The world as we know it is a scary place, the ground can be different, Space can be hard to understand and the world is very unexplored right now with a lot of things getting discovered every single day but is it all real or fake? There are a lot of strange things happening recently, with one of which is with the ocean, however, we have covered a lot about the ocean here, what about the ground? Someone has found something very bizarre that is happening in the world right now!

This video claims to show the earth breathing… Well, the ground to be exact. This is very strange and very unexplainable unless it is edited. There is a hard way to find out and this would be to go to the area, however, the area is very out of sight for us. Looking at this video, the ground is seemingly going up and down as if it is breathing.

The video that claims to show the ground moving has been examined, this is a real video surprisingly. There is no scientific explanation as to why this is happening, however, someone could say it has something to do with water! It is believed that the ground has water underneath it, however, this could be a lie! But, the video is real! What do you think? Another reason could be to do with the wind!

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