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Summoners War! Linda!

Summoners War! Linda!

In this post I’m going to be writing about one of the latest secondary awakening units in the game. I’m writing about the light witch who has seemed to get one of the bigger buffs out of the mystic witches. Before the 2A she was pretty much useless but now she is someone who will counter a lot of things especially revives comps within the game which has a big meta pool. The two picture you see below are of her first awakening form and then her 2A form.

First Awakening form:

Secondary awakening form:

In terms of runes for this unit I would personally put her on a attack build as you want her to kill with last skill so the units can’t revived. As you can see on the screenshot above I started off with a tanky build during the 2A process. However she still does quite a lot of damage. Mine is currently is on despair, focus. She on speed, hp and attack. However you can rune her on the likes of violent, Will or Rage Blade or even Fatal, Blade depending what runes you have access too.

The secondary awakening dungeon only allows you to use one of each element and you’ll see in the screenshots below the look of the dungeon and a very consistent secondary awakening team for stage 5 within the secondary awakening.

Secondary awakening team

Now my team isn’t completely free to play friendly however Kaki and Riley are units that you should be able to get ahold of a lot easier than the water sea emperor. This team still has yet to fail when I’ve been farming both light and dark witch secondary awakening.

I find Linda is most useful in pvp content especially in terms of countering revive based comps. This means she counters a lot of the units within the game. Below you will see a team I took her in as a test and she was able to make sure non of them revived.

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