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Summoners War! Roid!

Summoners War! Roid!

Disclaimer this an early account where the pictures are taken from!

In this post I’m going to be writing about the Wind Vagabond with the awakening name known as Roid. He very recently received a secondary awakening an from using him after the secondary awakening I have discovered that he is a very good wind tank for both PvP and PvE content early game. In the screenshot below you will see both first awakening and then secondary awakening form. He is an fantastic unit in terms of a little bit of crowd control.

First awakening form:

Secondary awakening form:

This unit is fantastic for many area of the game ever since his secondary awakening, I found he work well in a starter giants b10 team right from the start, he can tank the hits from the boss, he also good with his provokes from pvp, he can shut down units to a degree. I think he’s a nice starter 2a unit you can do. In terms of rune I would recommend full energy as he does his attack according to max hp. However when you move into mid to late game you could put him on the likes of Violent revenge and such things like that. I got lucky with runes and manage to get my hands on runes from shop and stuff early on the game so I was able to put him on violent broken set as you will see in the screenshot below.

As I wrote prior this unit is extremely good in a starter giants b10 team as he can tank hits from the boss the screenshot below shows him in a starter giants team.

He also really good tank in PvP for such things as guild defence and offence if you need to lock down some units with a provokes he really free to play friendly as a unit as a whole. Below you will see him in a very early game defence and offence.

Arena Defence:

Arena Offence:

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