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Summoners War! Jubelle!

Summoners War! Jubelle!

In this post I will be writing about the Dark Vagabond which recently received a secondary awakening. So far it is proving to be the most strongest out of the new secondary awakening units. The dark vagabond has always been used but with the secondary awakening he’s more popular than ever.

The dark vagabond has the awakening name of Jubelle and he is also a very free to play friendly unit known for his ability to form well in PvP content within the game. He is also a secret dungeon so you can farm for him on the days of dark attribute dungeon is open.

In the pictures below you will see his first and then secondary awakening.

First Awakening:

Secondary Awakening:

The unit is known for his taunt skill which causing a provoke affect on the enemy he is really good at what he does in terms of being a dark tank that can really pack a punch. He is mostly used to the PvP area I have three screenshot showing his best placements.

Arena Defence:

Guild Wars:

Siege Defence:

Now lets talk runes, this is a unit that can be runed many different ways. In the one with have with the screenshots it on a very early game build being full energy with hp% or def% this allows him to be extremely tanky as a unit. Most recommend build is triple revenge as it allows him to counter and do some more damage around the fight.

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