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Summoners War! Nicki!

Summoners War! Nicki!


In this post I will be writing about a rare unit which is the Dark Occult Girl with the awakening name of Nicki, she is a fantastic overall unit to get and can be used in both PvP and PvE. She would be fantastic to get early game if your that lucky to get her that is. She comes with three skills and a leader skill. Throughout this post I’ll talk about where she is good and how to rune her.

Leader Skill:

Increases the Critical Rate of ally monsters with Dark attribute by 38%.

First Skill: HELP ME, TEDDY!

Summons a teddy bear to attack the enemy. This attack has a 25% chance to forcibly put the enemy to sleep for 1 turn. Acquires another turn if the enemy falls asleep.

Second Skill: GIRL’S PRAYER!

Removes the harmful effects on all allies and recovers their HP. Recovery amount is proportionate to your MAX HP and Attack Power. (Reusable in 4 turns).


Increases the Attack Power of all allies for 3 turns to attack all enemies 5 times and disturbs the HP recovery for 3 turns with a 30% chance each. (Reusable in 5 turns)

PvE Content

I find she can be really good in a lot of PvE content one of my favorite places to use her would be TOA & TOAH. However you can use her to farm scenario or event giants or Necro early game it important to note she an extremely strong unit she has damage while also having a cleanse and heal she has a attack buff so and overall is a well balanced unit. In the screenshot below you will see her in an rta team!

PvP Content

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures but she is very viable in PvP content she can be used in both Tanky and cleave comps she can be a good unit personally I use her more in RTA ( Real Time Arena ) Rather than normal arena I find her better and so useful and can come in clutch in many situations Below you can see runes I find her the best on Violent Will but Swift Will is also a really good option. I would build her hybrid as in Speed, Hp% and Att% this lead to all skills being at there best and getting the most out of them. I find it extremely beneficial.

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