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Summoners War! Gina!

Summoners War! Gina!

In this post I will be writing about a unit that has very recently been secondary awaken and that has been the dark witch with the awakening name being Gina. She went from being bad to useful especially in PvE content within the game known as Trails of Ascensions or TOA for short.  with having two aoe abilities one being block beneficial effects and the other being an Aoe dots and sleep attack she is prefect for fit for most teams.

She is super effective in other dots teams with the game also with her powerful last skill. She also looks amazing after the secondary awakening, I would highly recommend this unit for toa hard or even hell. She is simply that good and really amazing. In the screenshot below you will see her in a team that I now use for toa hard and it is successful auto.

Now let’s talk runes, personally I like her on violent energy since I don’t use her in PvP I don’t think Will is needed on this unit. But you could also go with Despair or Swift build on her. Despair build if you feel like you need a little extra chance to crowd control and Swift if you want her to out speed the units. I’ve got mine on Violent, Energy as this allows me to have multiple turns to get her last skill back and be ready to use on the different levels within a stage. As you can see below the picture shows my runes on Gina.

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