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Summoners War! Megan!

Summoners War! Megan!

Quick disclaimer all screenshot you see her are from a different account that is in the early game stages so the rune quality is not as good!  

In this post I will writing about one of the most popular three star units who has very recently has received a secondary awakening and that unit is the water mystic witch better known as Megan. She is known for being a really good unit in both arena and siege and guild content. She is basically a really good PvP unit. In the screenshot below you will see her first awakening then her secondary awakening form.

First awakening:

Secondary awakening:

Megan doesn’t really get much of a buff but her based stats expect speed, in terms of runes the most common rune set for Megan is Swift paired with the likes of Will or energy as she an attack gage booster. Below you will see an early game build on the Megan!

This unit like said previously  she is mainly a PvP so I have built up some pictures of possible teams  for both siege, guild and arena battles. She is extremely good but remember she should move first as she is important as she buffs attack and defence. She more commonly paired with the four star unit called Lushen.

Arena team:

Guild battle team:

Siege defence:

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