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FIFA 23: FUT Changes?

FIFA 23: FUT Changes?

FIFA 22 is coming to an end and there has reportedly been one more major FIFA game created by EA Sports before they go into creating their own brand new game called EA Sports FC. The new game has been said to have some major changes to it. Mainly in their most played game mode called Ultimate Team!

There have been rumors of a new way of getting chemistry in the new FIFA, instead of nation links, chemistry links from leagues, and more, there is a new way of doing it.

It is believed that it will be a brand new system entirely. Allowing the average player to use the likes of Messi, Ronaldo, and any player from any league.

Image Credit: Taljat David

The system is based on a 3-star system, this means that you can have anyone from any league in any position and they don’t need to have any links. It’s said depending on the number of players in a certain league, determines the number of stars you get.

This could change the way people look at Ultimate Team and could bring more people to the game as well as bring people to the next game that they create in the future!

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