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Summoners War! Darion!

Summoners War! Darion!

In this post I’m going to be writing about one of the classic unit in the game who has finally been given an upgrade with a secondary awakening, and that is the light vagabond with the awakening name Darion, this unit was well known for being apart of many people first every giants b10 team when the game used to be far different and almost 8 years had gone by and he finally recieved a secondary awakening very recently. He was known for being strong in both PvP and PvE content in the very early stages of the games 7 years ago. In the screenshot below you will see two pictures one of his first awakening and then the one of his brand new look.

First Awakening:

Secondary Awakening:

Now this unit is starting to make a come back beginning to appear in few areas of the game he once was, which is great but also annoying to see, for anyone who used him before and went against him you all know his passive is most annoying thing you’ll deal with. His passives allows your other teammates take less damage. This can be very frustrating for single target nukers. He can be used in both PvP and PvE like it tell you earlier on in the post. The best place to use him in the PvP content would be the likes of Arena defence and siege and also guild defences as he can just help your team out a lot more than anyone might of thought. In the screenshot below you will see where I have placed him on arena defence.

Arena Defence:

Now lets talk about getting him to the secondary awakening form, you will have to farm in the newest secondary awakening area, In that area you can only use one of each element, so if you an light and dark only account well guess your out of look and will have to two monster the whole dungeon with one powerful farmer and then the vagabond. In the screenshot below you will see a team I used to farm b5 of that dungeon. Also going to give a small disclaimer unless stated the team here are not free to play friendly.

Secondary awakening team:

In terms of PvE content, if you haven’t made the speed team for giant or you just want a slower team, Darion is a strong option for a stable team, he will allow you team to take less damage from the giant during his brutal swing and single hit attacks, this will often help keeps the likes of your damage dealers alive, in the screenshot below you will see a free to play option of a giants team that is very successful.

Giants b12 team:

Now let’s talk about runes, this is one of these unit you can throw pretty much anything on as long as he’s tanky, lot’s of people would recommend  revenge, energy, endure and lots of over rune alternatives, for mine I have put on Destroy, Energy and Revenge, he is tanky and does his job well. The screenshot below will also show I’ve added artifact to him also and for that I did one hp artifact and then one which is defence.

Runes & Artifacts:


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