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Arcane! Season one, Episode 2!

Arcane! Season one, Episode 2!

Some Mysteries  Are Better left unsolved

 This episode starts off with giving us a insight to who was the person trying to get in at the apartment it seem to be a young man and a child. The child was carrying a large box as they were walking to the apartment. The man was trying to get in and the explosion happened, we hear the young girl call out the name Jace as the young man had passed out.

In the next scene you see the after math of the explosion and how Jace is clearing his name saying this explosion wasn’t his fault, however he had a lot illegal equipment in the apartment and he calmed it was an independent study.

He was them deemed as dangerous by head enforcer and would have to stand before the council to decide his fate.

In the next scene we see the group of kids again this time Vi is seen to be practicing her fighting skills and she was doing really well, they had to lay low and that was important. Powder sets up a shooting range and proves her insane accuracy. That’s when the enforcers find them and they do everything in there power to escape which they do manage to do.

We then move onto a fancy looking home who we find out belongs to Kiramman’s, we meet the young girl again who we find out has the name of Caitlyn. The family was discussing Jace’s case and they were all on his side to protect him.

We then go back to the bar where there is a debate about what to do with the enforcers searching the undercity, the people who lived there wanted to fight but Vander did not he wanted everyone to lay low he didn’t want another war to break out. However this labels him as weak.

In the next scene we move over to Jace is trail, he get introduce and told what he has done wrong, Mrs Kiramman speaks for his defence since she trusted him. Jace asked for forgiveness wanting to continue his studies at the academy.

For his crime he was supposed to receive a banishment however, they agreed to expelled him from the academy and go back into the care of his parents as they felt sorry for him. He was never to set food on Academy ground again.

They then show him at home with his mother trying to talk some scenes into him, while also remembering found time. He ends up walking out wanting to prove he can control magic, he clearly felt betrayed by his own family. He goes to Caitlyn’s house hoping to talk to Caitlyn’s parents. However the gate was locked and Caitlyn talks to him telling him her father said they can’t be friends anymore.

Caitlyn gets called inside by her mother Jace tries to explain himself but she doesn’t let him and simply walks back inside, then we end up going back to bar where there is a proper search in order to find the children once again. They main enforcer decided to almost taunt Vander.

Vander then take Vi to bridge where her parents died just to remind her what at stake if they fight, he just wanted to keep everyone safe and not have Vi lose anymore people in the world that was clearly already painful for them.

Jace then returns to the blown up apartment hurt because he lost everything, he was on the verge of throwing yourself of when Victor comes and stops him as he was curious of Jace research.

Vi then gives Powder a heart to heart and she ends up going up to Vander seeming very upset by something, Vander seems to know what Vi has done.


This episode was amazing we got to see the whole other side of the story from the first episode and got to find out more about the top side while also still learning about the undercity. Also the simple range of all the new charaters gave a real eye opening to how everything work and how one city was now two it was almost dishearten to see.



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