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Arcane! Season 1 Episode 3!

Arcane! Season 1 Episode 3!

The Base Violence Necessary for Change

The episode kicks off were we were back as Benzo’s like were at the end of episode 2 when Vander decides to give himself up instead of letting Vi take the fall, he pushes her in a room underneath, we then witness a brutal attack which leaves Vi in tears watching Vander get dragged away by someone who we learn is called Silco.

In the next seen we see Victor and Jace talking about his research, and they figure out they need to amplify the crystal frequency instead of dampening it, this is where Jace find out the news to destroy his equipment. Victor then suggest breaking in as he feels that his research is this important.

We are then brought to an unusual place seeing Vander being dragged by Silco goon in what seems to be a hide out, he says how he want to take over the city or at least enough for the undercity for the enforces to ignore. We then learn that Silco is Vander brother who have go a very messed up passed.

Then we are brought back to the councilor place with Victor and Jace getting the equipment back, when Mel catches then they manage to explain and she give them one chance to prove her wrong.

We then see Vi in a mess trying to gather everything to get Vander back however she tell Powder to stay not wanting her to get in any trouble as it was dangerous. Vi tells her she can’t lose her and leaves her where she’ll be safe.

Powder then looks at the Crystals in which she stole from the penthouse and figures out she can help them.

We then see Vi sneaking into Silco place and coming to break Vander up however it was all a trap as Silco looks at them and Vi put on Vander’s gloves ready to fight anyone who tries to stop her she wanted to protect her family and we small little sights of Powder climbing to come help them. While Milo is failing to get Vander free. Vander gives him encouragements him while Vi is there still there fight people one by one.

We then go back to the council where there are trying to prove they can control magic while the enforcers try to get in the room and they manage to do so as they get in.

Milo finally get Vander free when Powder cabal monkey causes an even worst explosion then at the pen house, we watch in horror as Milo dies and other boy while Powder is falling but she thinks she did good. Vi and Vander are shown stuck underneath some rubble from the explosion.

Silco commands his goons to kill them but Vander for the first time since war get up and fights wanting to use the last of his energy to fight to protect Vi since he didn’t know Powder was there.

We watch as Vander falls into a batch of Shimmer almost dying but he knew that the Shimmer would help him fight to protect Vi one last time and we see how the shimmer didn’t agree with him and he faces Silco he wanted to go after him but he chose to save Vi before the building went up in flames.

Vi watches as he slips in death and she cries in agony and then we see Powder come in excited telling her the Monkey Bomb worked she thought Vi would be proud she was trying to help and this where Vi become angry and hits her and calls her a jinx. Powder begs her not to leave but Vi walks away quietly hurt but Jinx was calling for her and that when Silco finds her crying asking for her sister.

Vi see Silco and tries to run for powder but is stopped by enforcer who takes her. All the While Silco is still by Powder and he tries to find out where Vi is but Powder tackles him into a hug telling him she left her and she was no longer her sister. Silco then hugs her deciding she was too young and that he will look after her.

The Review

This episode was so good, there was action while once again showing a lot of emotion. I found it almost heartbreaking at the end for the two sisters being separated when all they both felt was just a huge amount of  pain for the lost of Vander who was like a father too them. It also hurt seeing how much Powder wanted to seek Vi approval only to lose her instead. It was truly heart wrenching


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