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FIFA 23!

FIFA 23!

FIFA 23 is about to launch in a couple of weeks, maybe even less, however, there are a lot of new changes that have happened to FIFA in the past year that a lot of people should know about before buying the game. A lot of new styles of play, a new chemistry system, and a new highest-rated player in the game. 

FIFA 23 is currently on the way and a lot of fans are expecting something to be announced about the game, however, this is the least hyped FIFA game to ever come out.

The new chemistry system allows the average player to try and change the number of players in their team to fit. Instead of following a line system, it depends on how many players are in the team from the same league and or nation. A 3-star system to be exact. If the player is not on 3 stars, they are considered on low chem.

Image Credit: Miguel Lagoa

The new highest-rated players are as followed.

  • Mbappe – 91
  • Messi – 91
  • De Bruyne – 91
  • Benzema – 91
  • Lewandowski – 91

The ultimate edition is normally the best version to get that has the most benefits. This is still the case.

Banner and Image Credit: Diego Thomazini

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