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Summoners War! Loren!

Summoners War! Loren!

This post is about one of the best pve and pvp units in the game and it’s a free to play unit and is used by some of the best players within Summoners War. This unit is called Loren or the light cow girl she is available on light dungeon day  as she a secret dungeon unit and can’t be summoned any other way. This unit is so efficient in so many different areas of the game she can be used in ever dungeon and is very useful in lots of different pvp content from the likes of seige all the way to world time arena.

Loren passive is what makes her popular and that  because she had the ability to defence break the enemy and also reduce the attack bar for the enemy so she can easily desync a team at any given more. In addition to this she also has a strip on the second kill which can add disturb hp recovery on the enemy.

In the screenshot below you can see her in a giant b12 team which is 100% consistent.

In terms of runes early you are really looking at swift energy which high accuracy this is key for Loren but as soon as you able to get onto violent she will replace swift to violent energy since her inbuilt ai is not the greatest as she then to use the strip when it not needed.

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