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Summoners War! Sigmarus!

Summoners War! Sigmarus!

Sigmarus is another amazing unit for giants he is also a fusionable Nat 5, he has many uses and it an amazing free to play unit he was is so easy to get. the screenshot below shows where you are able to acquire Sigmarus and what you will need to get it. He is a fusionable unit so you get him from the fusion hexagram.

Underneath this is what you’ll need in order to get Sigmarus and be aware most of the unit are either scenario or secret dungeon, so you will be able to get Sigmarus really fast.

Sigmarus is good unit for a starter giants team for b10 and b12, what also makes him very useful is his leader skill 44% hp which gives your team much more survivability depending on what dungeon your using her,  she can also be used in dragons which makes her very useful. Underneath you will see a screenshot of a successful gb12 team.

As you can see in the screenshot I’m using Sigmarus leader skill to help making this team much more successful. The most common rune build for Sigmarus is Fatal Blade and maybe later game you will change it to Rage Blade.


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