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Summoners War! Spectra

Summoners War! Spectra

Meet the decrease attack bar king himself which is the fire griffon and more commonly known as Spectra, this amazing three star unit is a secret dungeon unit and is available on fire dungeon days, to make this unit even better he even has a secondary awakening he is most commonly used in Trails of Ascension and also for dragons b12 for your first stable team. The picture below shows what he looks like before and after secondary awakening.

Before Secondary awakening.

After secondary awakening

Spectra is such an amazing unit and he can surprisingly can put out a mass amount of damage, he is a very stable unit and is good for many area’s of the game. underneath you will see two photos one for Trails of Ascension team and another for dragons b12 team.

Trails of Ascension Team

Dragon b12 team.

Spectra is more commonly built with Swift Energy or Swift blade as you want him to be fast in order to help with the control of the attack bar. Some people however rune him violent instead of Swift just to enable him to get more turns he is extremely effective at any point in the game.

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