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Summoners War! Isis!

Summoners War! Isis!

Here is a post to yet another rare unit within  summoners war and that is the Light Dessert Queen, with the awakening name known as Isis. She is what many people in community would call a very situation unit in terms of PvP but in PvP she is known as the Queen of Toa.

She is a unit that can shut down units skills and passives with that it’s extremely strong. She counters currently a wide variety of units in the meta that have passives. I use her a lot in real time arena.

Now below you will see her in a arena comp I would take her against as they do contain passive which she counters with her last skill and is very affective in shutting down units in general.


In the picture above there is three passives on the enemy so she hard counters the units and the rest can clean up with buffs and high damage.

Now let talk about runes the most popular builds for her would be either Swift, Will or Violent, Will. From the screenshot below you will see this unit is on Swift, Energy and this is because one I don’t have Will Rune which will make her fast enough. She need to be speed tuned after an aoe stripper so she can land her last skill also she requires a high amount of accuracy .

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