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E3 News! Battlefield 2042!

E3 News! Battlefield 2042!

Many games are coming and have been teased and shown at E3 this year many games such as Battlefield 2042, there has been a lot of hype surrounding this game already, with its new futuristic aspect. This could be a game to bring some serious competition to the Call of Duty series since no information about the new Call of Duty is being announced this year at E3. Most people know is that we are receiving a game from Sledgehammer this year.

Battlefield 2042 has already got an amazing trailer and gameplay trailer people are finding the futuristic effect more settling which is good for EA.

The official gameplay trailer so many new and old things coming to the game which only makes the battlefield fans much more excited than ever before!

The game itself is seeming to show brand new maps and amazing new take to combat the near future style. The game as a whole is having all new equipment added which is going to be inspired by the near future of 2042. There also seems like there are going to be many experiences that are ever-changing which suggests players are going to have to adapt fast and change due to events and storms that may come their way on the battlefield.

They’ve also announced that we are going to be receiving lots of new large maps with all-out war experiences, they also say each battlefield has many combat distinct areas which will be in a single play space so that they can make vehicles seem much more meaningful within the gameplay as a whole. The maps are also going to be able to support 128-players and will be available on the latest consoles and will also be coming to pc.

Also, a rumour has now been confirmed that robot dogs are completely true.

This amazing game is coming in with a storm and hitting sales on October 22nd, 2021. So it won’t be too much longer to wait for this amazing game to come soon, also don’t worry if you on the now older consoles it will also be coming to Xbox One and also PS4.

Battlefield 2042 is a multiplayer focus first-person shooter (fps). It will also mark the official debut of the newest console which is the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Now the link below shows the actual gameplay trailer for Battlefield 2042


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