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FIFA 22: Card You Must Get!

FIFA 22: Card You Must Get!

Objective cards are huge in FIFA 22, and one of the best cards that have been released is in FIFA 22… In my opinion. This card has amazing stats and isn’t hard to get at all. 91 pace, 88 dribbling, and 81 shooting for a centre attacking midfielder card are amazing. Introducing Defrel! The French midfielder!

This card is 86 overall and one of the best French CAM cards in the game! Adding a chemistry style shown in the picture below on this card makes him an 88 rated CAM in-game. Parting him up with the likes of Messi, Benzema, and Player of the Month Simone, will make a fantastic front line and an unbeatable team!

From the FIFA 22 app

Getting this card is simple. All must be completed in FUT Friendly: Managerial Masterpiece!

  • Win 10 matches using only a Serie A player in the Starting 11.
  • Score 30 goals using Serie A players.
  • Assist 20 goals using Serie A players.
  • Score a Volley using Serie A players in 4 separate matches
  • Score with a Finesse Shot using Serie A players in 8 separate matches

If you are lucky, you could complete this card in 10 to 15 games, if your opponent doesn’t back out of the game! Make sure you make a great team around this card as he is unbelievable in-game!

Banner and Editorial credit: Diego Thomazini / Shutterstock.com

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