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FIFA 22: Team of the Season!

FIFA 22: Team of the Season!

A year of waiting, a year of packs, and a year of knowledge of the game. Finally, Team of the Season is almost here! The community gets to decide the team first before the official Team of the Season of all the leagues is released!

EA Sports are set to release this in 1 day and 14 hours… Which gives the FIFA fans time to rack up some packs with the new objectives that have been released to try and get as many Team of the Season cards as possible!

The Team of the Season should be released on Saturday, with a possibility of this being added to the red picks in FUT Champions as they did this the past few times the past few years.

Image Credit: Diego Thomazini

So far, nothing has been confirmed on who is in the Team of the Season, but some people seem to think one man has been added to this as he has played great for his current club and a lot of fans believe that they would have picked him.

Luis Suarez is the man that has been rumored to be in this Team of the Season. Who would you like to see in this Team of the Season?

Banner and Image Credit: Miguel Lagoa

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