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FIFA 22 Career Mode: 3 Wonderkids you Have to Buy!

FIFA 22 Career Mode: 3 Wonderkids you Have to Buy!

Career mode has just gotten better, the football world is full of wonderkids and career mode is the game mode to try out! Pick a team and or create a team and build them as you go along, with all the other teams in the league too! However, look at this list of young players that vary in price and can make your team better from the start to finish! These first 3 sets of players are mainly going to be used for those teams in the lower leagues and trying to get promoted, for example trying to get Carlisle United to the Premier League players, not Mbappe or Haaland!

  • Maarten Vandevoordt

    1. This young player is only 19 years old goalkeeper and playing for KRC Genk in the Belgium Pro League! This young player starts off at 71 rated and can go up to at least 84 rated with the right training and right management! This player could exceed expectations with the new rules in the games and could go high than the potential rating, however, he can go from 71 rated to 86 rated! Starting price at 800k however as time goes on, KFC Genk will want more for him! Buy him quick!
FIFA 22 Career Mode Player

Picture Provided from EA Sports FIFA App

  • Luca Netz

    1. This 18-year-old player plays in the Bundesliga for Hertha BSC. Starting off at a 70 rated left-back, he can go as far as 85 rated! Like the last player, if this player is managed well, he could exceed past his potential rating and could go the distance with the team you choose to play with him, however, his potential is 85 which is a great rating to out in, and with him being young… It’ll be easier to get him to 85 rated! Price set at 375k!

Picture Provided from EA Sports FIFA App

  • Jarrad Branthwaite

    1. This 19-year-old player is from Everton in the Premier League and a 66 rated Center Back… this player might be hard to sign as he is already with a big-name club and may say no to a lot of decisions regarding lower leagues but he may accept if the offer is better! Once he plays more and trains more, he could reach an 82 rating! And or more if you train well with him! Only 375k too!

Picture Provided from EA Sports FIFA App

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