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E3 News! The Shroom & Doom update! Also Among Us!

E3 News! The Shroom & Doom update! Also Among Us!

One massive announcement during E3 was a big update coming out for a game known as Grounded. This game is one where you are shrunk down to the size of an insect, and you have to live in the world of grass and dirt. The new updates show lots of new amazing things, such as pets and new insects and even bosses! One of the bosses shown within the trailer is a giant spider that isn’t so good for arachnophobes, but don’t you fear that there is an arachnophobia feature that allows you to take away the scary spider into nothing more than a blob or circles. They also show this feature within the action in the official trailer which is seen below.

Also within this update, you will see that they are now adding ziplining, swimming so much more for their users to enjoy the gaming experience within the game truly. They have also announced that they will be bringing brand new achievements to the game so people have a reason to grind and complete the game much more than you could ever do before! Remember this game is a Microsoft exclusive game, so unfortunately for any PS consoles out there, you will no be able to play this game. This game is also on steam for any of your PC players out there.

This update is just around the corner as it is dropping on June 30th, 2021.

Among Us coming to the Xbox!

Also coming very soon is Among Us which is dropping in hot coming to Xbox game pass very soon. This is amazing news for people on Xbox who want to try to play this on the console. It coming with 15 player lobbies instead of 10! this is going to be extra fun adding 5 extra players into the game. This comes into the game pass on June 15th, 2021. Are you ready to find the imposters because I sure am!

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