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E3 News! Hades!

E3 News! Hades!

Here to one of the best game of 2020 the non other than Hades! This game is finally coming heading to Xbox on August 13th. In the game you play as the son of the famous God of Underworld from Greek mythology known as Hades. In this game which you could describe as roguelike game the son of Hades is called Zagreus, who is making the great attempt to escape the deep dark pits of Hell. On launch this game is coming straight to the Xbox Game Pass very exciting if you have it since it coming with many other games that we also know that was announced at E3 earlier this week this game is also coming to the PS consoles as well. Below you can see an actual trailer that was shown at E3.

This game was originally released on Nintendo and PC, it was so good that it was rightly so name Game of the Year so no wonder it’s finally coming to consoles people found it such an amazing action packed game and it’s dropping in summer perfect timing for many gamers as it drops during the summer holidays.


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