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Marvels Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings sees returning Hulk villain in new trailer

Marvels Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings sees returning Hulk villain in new trailer

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Continued visual excellence

Marvel Studios’ 2021 martial arts addition has received its first official trailer during an NBA countdown.

With a heavier focus on the titular Ten Rings, this trailer gives us a much better look at the powers and capabilities of the weapons alongside the conflict between Simu Lius’ Shang-Chi and Tony Leungs paternal Manderin.

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The Abomination Returns

What we’ve seen so far from Marvels’ Shang-Chi doesn’t seem to fall short on spectacle boasting lush Eastern wide shots, colourful costume designs, mythical creatures and Easter Eggs galore! With the biggest being the triumphant return of Tim Roths’ Abomination.

2008s The Incredible Hulk has been long seen as the forgotten second entry to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thunderbolt Ross has served as a recurring character throughout the MCU, but since the recasting of Bruce Banner we’re yet to see those two characters interact again. Marvel Studios never seemed to forget about the troubled entry though retconning Midtown Schools very own Mr Harrington (Spiderman: Homecoming, Spiderman: Far From Home) as the same (as credited) ‘computer nerd’ that Martin Starr portrayed during The Incredible Hulk.

Roth was confirmed to return as the Abomination in the Disney+ series She-Hulk (2022) but it is during the Shang-Chi trailer we get an unexpected first look – and it seems after 13 years we’ll be seeing a much more comic inspired iteration of the villain now donning his sea-creature like winged ears.

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Guardian Lions, Mythical Dragons and… Captain Americas shield?

We’ve seen magic, aliens and all sorts of whacky newcomers enter the MCU in the last few years, but Shang-Chi seems to be leaning heavily into its own sector of mythology whilst hiding some sneaky returning parallels and references. During one battle scene incredibly reminiscent of Black Panther, we see (presumably) the inhabitants of the small town donning red robes and staffs battling more military looking armoured assailants, with one particularly unlucky combatant flung across the set by what looks like a Chinese Guardian Lion brought to life. Another brief shot sees Shang-Chi being dropped into a body of water, met by what looks like a Sea Serpent, or underwater dwelling Dragon (confirmed not to be Fing Fang Foom).

Larger than life creatures are presented in full view during the trailer, but the eagle eyed may have noticed in two particular shots towards the end of the trailer none other than Captain Americas shield. The shots in question are both set in the tournament arena where you can see different artefacts displayed all around said arena, one being a hidden behind the hero shot of Shang-Chi and the other being visible during Blonskis conflict with a sorcerer.

Property of Marvel Studios

Following the trailer Simu Liu took to Twitter with his tongue planted firmly in his cheek:

Marvel Studios’ Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings comes out in Cinemas September 3rd.

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