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FIFA 23: End of Era Higuaín!

FIFA 23: End of Era Higuaín!

FIFA 23 has been released for almost a month now, with new and exciting promos every single week, EA has already released an End of Era card to the game. With the likes of Pique retiring from football, there will be one for him, however, Gonzalo Higuaín is the man that has one so far. 

This card was released recently and a lot of fans would say this card is one of the best in the game alongside Haaland.

The card’s stats are incredible for a 6’1 player. Also having 4-star skills and a 4-star week foot… There is not much that can go wrong with this guy.

Image Credit: FIFA 23

Costing almost over 40k and for a player like this, it is cheap! Everyone now knows about the new Accelerate system. If a player has one of three traits and the one everyone wants is Lengthy. Higuaín is Lengthy and this means that he is faster than most defenders.

His shooting is amazing, scoring screamers and missing only the odd few chances, there is one issue with his FIFA card though. His league, however, matches him with Dempsey and Donavan from the MLS, this could make him perfect for your team!

In my honest opinion, Higuaín is a must-have in your team, I have had him and played 15 games and scored 31 goals in that time. So this card is a must-buy and the chemistry is easy to link him into since the new chemistry system allows players to be in different positions rather than next to each other.

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Banner and Image Credit: Diego Thomazini

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